Priorities for Development

School Improvement and Development Plan 2016 – 2017
Our Vision
To continuously improve standards to ensure that all children achieve their full potential enabling them to contribute purposefully to society.

To enable staff to be confident, forward thinking, collaborative and ambitious risk takers who realise the potential of every child.

To foster a growing sense of ownership by the community of ‘our’ schools and an active sense of engagement which stretches ambition for all families and children.
To have a clear focus on improving standards through strong leadership, a robust approach to underperformance, external support and validation and growth of the federation.


Priority 1 (RST)
Improve pupils’ progress through quality first Teaching and Learning
1a Set high expectations for pupil achievement
1b Utilise learning time effectively
1c Deploy adults effectively to support learning
1d Demonstrate ROI (Return on Investment) for initiatives / support
1e Teaching (class / intervention groups) meets the needs of all pupil groups
1f Develop the learning of Maths, Reading, Writing and Phonics across the school

Priority 2 (RST)
2a Embed Assessment and Feedback policy

Priority 3 (GDO, AOG)
3a Improve the attendance of pupils to aid Progress

Priority 4 (AOG, Governors)
Improve the effectiveness of Leadership and Management:
4a Clarify roles and responsibilities across the school
4b Involve all leaders at all levels in the frequent monitoring of teaching and learning
4c Train and develop middle leaders
4d Governors monitoring of the SIDP
4e Governors work on their own development plan to improve their role across the school

Priority 5 (AOG, RST)
5a Improve the Monitoring, Impact and Reporting of the Pupil Premium Grant