Sports Funding

School Sports Premium Funding: 2015 – 2016

All children at the time of leaving Primary School should be Physically Literate with the knowledge, skills and motivation to equip them for a healthy and active lifestyle.

To develop a self-improving system leading to a continual improvement in the quality of sport in primary schools across the cluster. Indicators for this include:

  • Levels of engagement
  • Levels of participation in extra-curricular clubs, competitions and events
  • Increased confidence when participating in PE and Sport
  • Levels of participation in clubs following direction from school staff

The Impact of the Primary PE and School Sport Funding

Since receiving the funding many beneficial changes have taken place with our Primary
pupils in relation to the range and delivery of physical education and sport.

  1. An inclusive extra‐ curricular programme has been set up which includes the following:
    After school clubs in Hockey, Tag Rugby, Swimming, Fencing, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Yoga, Triathlon, Football, Quicksticks and Gymnastics and lunch time clubs in Netball and Gymnastics.
  2. The funding has paid for specialist Physical Education Teachers to deliver PE:
    Qualified staff from the linked high school delivers PE to all children from year 2 to year 6. Each pupil accesses a minimum of two hours per week of PE.
  3. Specialist equipment and software has been purchased including:
    Official Dodgeball’s for primary schools to support learning in wet weather lessons in particular. Upgrading general PE equipment including bibs, cones and balls. Specialist tracking syatem across KS1,2.3 and 4.
  4. Competitive Sport
    A range of competitive sporting opportunities have been accessed by pupils. As well as the regular cluster sports events the school also enter local football leagues and inter-school friendlies in other sports.
  5. Cluster Sports
    All schools in the Wells Cluster pay additional funds to support the cluster programme of sports competitions: The school pays in for a cluster sports co-ordinator who organises regular inter-school sport for the cluster primary schools. Most competitions link in to the school games competition structure. Competitions include: Cross Country, Tag Rugby, QuickSTicks Hockey, Football, Hi 5 Netball, Swimming Gala, Kwik Cricket, Fencing, Beac Volleyball and Triathlon
  6. Swimming
    Half-termly swimming slots at the linked high school for each class delivered by qualified staff. Minimum of 7 sessions in the pool focused on stroke development and water confidence.