Policies & Procedures

Anti Radicalisation Policy
Appraisal Policy
Admissions Policy
Primary – Behaviour Policy 2
APHS Curriculum
APHS Staff handbook 2014-2015
Assessment and Feedback Policy
Secondary & Primary Standards – Attendance
Primary – Schools Calculation Policy
Child protection guidelines for non-teaching staff
Children Missing Education Policy
Cluster SEND policy 2014
Primary – curriculum Policy
Primary – Early Years Foundation Stage Policy
Equality leaflet for parents, carers, visitors
Extremism & Radicalisation – A Guide for parents/carers
Federation Appraisal Policy
Federation E safety policy
Federation Pay Policy
Female Genital Mutilation – The Facts
Grievance Procedures
Guidance for Safer Working Practice
Guidance on Marking and Feedback
Home School agreement
In Case of Emergency (ICE) Policy
Instrument of Government – The Wells Schools Federation
Keeping children safe in education
Keeping Children and Young People Safe Against Radicalisation and Extremism – Advice to parents/carers
Looked After Children Policy
Managing Aggressive Behaviour policy
Primary – More able, girfted and talented policy
Primary – marking and feedback policy
Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation Policy
Primary – Marking and Feedback Policy
Primary – Schools Behaviour Policy
Relationships and Rewards Policy for WPN parents
Safeguarding leaflet for parents, carers and visitors
Primary – Sex and Relationships Policy
Social Media Policy
SRE policy
Staff attendance guidance
Staff attendance policy
Student attendance policy
Support staff Capability guidance
Support staff capability procedure
Teacher Capability Model Procedure
Teacher Capability policy
Teaching & Learning Policy
wells federation behaviour policy 7.11.16
Wells Schools Assessment 2015-2016
Wells Schools Cover Policy
Wells Schools Drug policy
Wells Schools Finance Policy
Wells Schools FOI policy
Wells Schools H&S policy
Wells Schools International Policy
Wells Schools Physical Restraint Policy
Wells Schools Pupil Premium April 2015 – April 2016
Wells Schools Safeguarding Actions
WP&N Behaviour and home school agreement
WP&N Handbook 2014-2015
WP&N Marking and Assessment Policy
WP&N S&R Policy

Full Governing Body Policies:

FGB – Complaints Policy FGB
FGB -Grievance Policy
FGB – Safeguarding Policy from May 2016
FGB – H&S Actions and Systems Review
FGB – Instrument of Governance
FGB – Governors’ Allowances policy
FGB – Governors Business Interests
FGB – Equality Policy

Resources Policies:

Resources – Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures
Resources – Teacher Performance Management Policy
Resources – Supporting children with medical needs
Resources – Staff Leave Policy
Resources – Staff Appearance Policy
Resources – Premises Documents
Resources – Pay Policy
Resources – online safety policy
Resources – Intimate Care Policy
Resources – Health and Safety Policy
Resources – Adopted policy, guidance and procedures statement
Resources – Access, Equality and Disability Plan