Gold awards go to the following children for 100% attendance last term :
Reception class – Connie, Finley, Nikki – Elise
Year 1 – McKenzie, Murphy, Thomas, Shelby, Chloe- Marie
Year 2 – Lilly, Kalei, Jensen, Isabelle, Ciara, Blake, Carson, Eliza
Year 3 – Olivia, Rosco
Year 4 – Amelia, Nico, Charlie, Alexia, Kieran, Mallory, Emily, Dylan, Isabella
Year 5 –  Kenzer, Theo, Ruby, Kaitlin, Ivy, Archie
Year 6 – Alexus, Kyle, Chloe, Oscar

Christmas Choir

Thank you to everyone who sang for the old people at Scarborough House, Dorrington House and the Nelson Club and also to those who sang at The Globe on the last Sunday of term. We were made very welcome and our singing was much appreciated.

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Tycoons in School

Tycoons in School

Thank you to everyone who supported our first sales of our Christmas items.
We will continue selling cards, gift bags and tags at the end of school each Thursday and Friday until the end of term.