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At Wells Nursery School we are very proud of our creative curriculum, which focuses on the needs and interests of our pupils and motivates and engages their mind.
One of the aims of the Nursery School is to lay a secure foundation for future learning through teaching, development and play, following the Revised Early Years’ Foundation Stage Curriculum.
We have recently bought a new curriculum tool, called The Learning Challenge, which promotes a question based approach to learning. Many schools that have implemented the Learning Challenge principles have received praise from Ofsted.
Practitioners are creative and include the pupils’ interests and individual needs in their planning. This is grouped into 7 areas, 3 prime areas and four specific areas. The prime areas include Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication and Language and Physical Development. The four specific areas are Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

We follow a termly, whole school topic. Children from different classes work on the same topic, but from a different viewpoint.

Teaching and Learning

Daily routines are quickly introduced. Once the children have settled, first thing in the morning, we sit down to a structured session usually lasting 15mins. Children learn to sit in a group, turn take and join in the letter and number games we play. Most of the rest of the morning is dedicated to child initiated learning, although there will always be adult led activities linked to the current theme to extend the children’s understanding.
At the end of the morning, having tidied up, children will once again be grouped together for a story, singing or a other focused activity.
We find young children learn through telling stories and playing imaginative games. This helps them to speak clearly, listen carefully and to want to read and write stories for themselves. Their first steps in mathematics are through counting, rhymes and practical activities such as weighing and measuring. Finally, children’s natural curiosity about the world around them provides the starting point for their exploration of science.

Children will often tell you they have done nothing! Please come and see our planning. It is displayed in the classroom and cloakroom along with our Class Learning Journal and Floor Book. Weekly newsletters will also give you some idea of the activities your child is involved in.

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