Barnaby Bear announces his retirement

DSCF2536Barnaby Bear, the Year One teddy bear, today announced his retirement from having adventures. He has been Miss Vincent’s class bear for nearly nine years and feels that it is now time to put his adventuring days behind him and put his paws up.

“I have had a brilliant time with the various Reception and Year One children I have stayed with over the years. I have visited so many different places – Toulouse; Spain; Malta; Egypt; America and seen so many fantastic things closer to home. I’d like to thank all of the children who have taken me home over the years and their families who have looked after me; fixed me when I fell apart; put me in the washing machine when I got a bit dirty or made me clothes. Mrs. Stratton even made me my own school uniform to wear! Miss Vincent says that she has a special place on her bookcase for me at her house and promises that she will remember to dust me!”

Have a brilliant retirement Barnaby and thank you for all the adventures.