Eco Club investigates recycling at Wells Primary School

We have just started up our Eco Club, but we already have lots of keen members and eco-councillors. At our first meeting we decided that we wanted to investigate what we are recycling in our school. The eco councillors from each class emptied their red bins (these are the bins that we put our recycling into) into Miss Vincent’s eco box, and at the end of the week, we investigated what was going into our recycling. We discovered that we put a LOT of paper into the recycling bins and that some people put things which cannot be recycled into their bin, such as sellotape, which then causes problems when the bins are collected by the council. We sorted through the box, putting recycling materials into the big green bin and non-recyclables into the rubbish bin. Our next project is looking at reusing paper and not putting so much into the red bins. Sierra in Year One has been helping to sort through the eco box, and she was really surprised at how much paper is going into the red bins, when it could be turned over and used again. Eco clubbers will be producing posters (on reclaimed paper of course!) after the holidays to tell you what you can recycle and reminding you re-use paper before it goes into the red bins.