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PFA Newsletter October 2014

The latest PFA newsletter is out… download it here!


Coming soon: Hallowe’en Disco

Don’t miss the incredibly spooky Hallowe’en Disco, from 6:30 until 8:00 on Wednesday the 22nd of October.

Find out what ghosts eat for dinner[1].
Discover what short-sighted ghosts wear[2].
Find out just why the skeleton wasn’t able to go to the disco[3].
All these questions… and more… will be answered at the Wells-next-the-Sea Primary and Nursery Hallowe’en Disco…
or at the bottom of this post – whichever comes sooner.

Don’t forget to get your ticket from the Crusty Crab!



[1 - Spook-ghetti]
[2 - Spook-tacles]
[3 - He had no body to go with...]


Attendance Monkey Visits Year Six

This week year 6 gained 99% attendance so Attendance Monkey came to stay. We were very much looking forward to his visit as this would be his first visit and we knew that, if he was anything like Attendance Bear, he would be very helpful in the classroom.
How mistaken we were! What a naughty Monkey! He swung from the display strings, jumped on the bookcase, stole the Egyptian mask and ran around on the tables knocking over the pen pots. Worst of all, he encouraged Pink Thing to be naughty too  and she was very unhelpful when we practiced our tables.
It is very easy for naughty behaviour to spread amongst friends so we will be looking for really good children to teach Attendance Monkey the behaviours expected from a Wells Primary pupil.

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PFA Art Gallery

PFAArtExhibitionWe hope you enjoyed our special art exhibition on Friday. Don’t forget – we are also holding a Macmillan Coffee Morning in the Crusty Crab on the 26th of September from 9:00 am until 10:30.


Summer Holidays

summerholidaysGoodbye to our Year Sixes, and to everyone else: we’ll see you when we return to school on Thursday the 4th of September.

Have a great holiday, keep yourselves safe, and we hope to see lots of you during Carnival, especially if you’re helping out on our float!


Barnaby Bear announces his retirement

DSCF2536Barnaby Bear, the Year One teddy bear, today announced his retirement from having adventures. He has been Miss Vincent’s class bear for nearly nine years and feels that it is now time to put his adventuring days behind him and put his paws up.

“I have had a brilliant time with the various Reception and Year One children I have stayed with over the years. I have visited so many different places – Toulouse; Spain; Malta; Egypt; America and seen so many fantastic things closer to home. I’d like to thank all of the children who have taken me home over the years and their families who have looked after me; fixed me when I fell apart; put me in the washing machine when I got a bit dirty or made me clothes. Mrs. Stratton even made me my own school uniform to wear! Miss Vincent says that she has a special place on her bookcase for me at her house and promises that she will remember to dust me!”

Have a brilliant retirement Barnaby and thank you for all the adventures.


PFA Newsletter

summerWe are rapidly heading towards the end of the Summer term with the holidays just around the corner. Since our last newsletter, back in May, we have recruited 1 new parent member and would like to pass on our sincere thanks to Miss Dowler who has supported the PFA over the past few years. She will be stepping down and Mrs Lavender will now be our school representative. The High school is in the process of setting up a PFA and we look forward to working with them on some exciting joint ventures in the future

Read more… Click here to download the rest of the PFA  July 2014 Magazine [PDF]


Year One Business Enterprise Show For Parents

The Year One children decided to do something slightly different for their business enterprise and put on a show for their parents. We had also sold tickets for our rehearsals and for refreshments on the show day. Thanks to the great support from our families, we managed to raise £67.50. We will be donating half of the money to the British Red Cross and with the other half we have bought two films to watch and this afternoon we had a loom band picnic. Many thanks to our families for supporting our show.


Eco Club News

The Eco Club spent last Friday lunch time sorting through our eco box. We were looking for paper which we could keep and re-use and paper which needed to be recycled. We found a lot of paper which could be re-used and a lot which could be recycled and we didn’t even manage to empty the box! Eco club will return after the Summer holidays. DSCF2523 - Copy DSCF2524 DSCF2525 DSCF2526 DSCF2527 DSCF2529


Eco Club investigates recycling at Wells Primary School

We have just started up our Eco Club, but we already have lots of keen members and eco-councillors. At our first meeting we decided that we wanted to investigate what we are recycling in our school. The eco councillors from each class emptied their red bins (these are the bins that we put our recycling into) into Miss Vincent’s eco box, and at the end of the week, we investigated what was going into our recycling. We discovered that we put a LOT of paper into the recycling bins and that some people put things which cannot be recycled into their bin, such as sellotape, which then causes problems when the bins are collected by the council. We sorted through the box, putting recycling materials into the big green bin and non-recyclables into the rubbish bin. Our next project is looking at reusing paper and not putting so much into the red bins. Sierra in Year One has been helping to sort through the eco box, and she was really surprised at how much paper is going into the red bins, when it could be turned over and used again. Eco clubbers will be producing posters (on reclaimed paper of course!) after the holidays to tell you what you can recycle and reminding you re-use paper before it goes into the red bins.


Year One visit Co-Op

Last Wednesday the Year One children visited the local Co-Op store to investigate where our food comes from. We were quite surprised by how many different countries our food comes from and how far it travels to get to us. Can you guess which country the grapes in Co-Op come from? Post your ideas on our comments section. There’s 10 team points for the first correct answer.


Term Dates for Next Year

This letter (pdf) contains the term dates for the coming year.

Dates can also be viewed on the County website:


A Celebration Of Achievement: Awards Afternoon 2014

Huge congratulations to all our pupils who helped us to celebrate our achievements this year!

We have so much to be proud of here at Wells-next-the-Sea Primary and Nursery: our Year 6 pupils are not just mature, polite and sensible, but have performed brilliantly in their SATs, giving us our best ever results. Our Year 2 pupils have also come on in leaps and bounds, whilst our Year 1 pupils did beautifully on their Phonics Check. If you attended the ceremony you will have been as impressed as I was with the violin and ukulele players, and it was wonderful to see one of last-year’s pupils, Alex Hagag, take to the stage with an inspirational message for our Year Sixes. Every single class who went up onto the stage had something to celebrate, from academic achievement through to greatly improved attendance—we have so much to be proud of here at Wells-next-the-Sea Primary and Nursery!

Thank you to everyone who attended; I hope you felt as proud as I did.

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Industrial Action Update: School open as normal

Dear Parents/Carers,

You may be aware that the National Union of Teachers (NUT), Unison and GMB have called for industrial action on Thursday 10th July, 2014.

School will be open as normal for all children.


Reception Class Trip to the Beach

Last week Reception class went to the beach, we did not have a bus though, we walked to the quay and caught the beach road train. When we arrived at the beach we were met by Sue and Claire from Holkham who led the activities for the day. We had a scavenger hunt, made beach art and had a sandcastle competition. We ate our picnic in the woods and had an ice-cream at the cafe before making the return journey back to school. We were very lucky to have such great weather and the children behaved fantastically well. We would like to give a big thank you to all of our parents and grandparents who came along to help on the day.

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