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I hope this website provides you with an insight into our school. If you would like to visit the school during the working day please contact the school office and speak to Mrs Cox.
Please note that due to our rapidly increasing numbers early communication with us and Norfolk County Council regarding a place for your child / children is advised.
We have had a fantastic start to this academic year. We have welcomed new staff and new children, held a large number of school events, welcomed parents during our Open Mornings, welcomed many visitors to school (some during work week) and had a number of trips and events. The children are an absolute credit to their parents and a pleasure to teach.
As always we are always looking to improve and challenge ourselves which is why I requested an audit of Teaching and Learning across the school. On the 4th October we welcomed three highly trained professionals into school to provide us with an external view of what we are doing. Staff had only two days’ notice of this happening and they scrutinised documents before arriving as well as observing all teachers, interviewing myself and other leaders and speaking to students and parents. I would like to thank all those parents who spoke to one of our three visitors. You will see below a number of quotes from the report. Needless to say we are very pleased with their comments
• Senior leaders have a very accurate picture of the current position.
• Leaders monitor the quality of teaching accurately.
• Leaders have a good awareness of the next steps. Development planning is thorough. Leaders are very open to support and guidance. They are welcoming help from the local authority and others. Recent developments demonstrate that while there is a secure capacity for further improvement.
• There is an improving picture across the school. Leaders have a good understanding of the main priorities, based on accurate procedures for checking provision.
• Pupils conduct themselves well and thoroughly enjoy school. They are not always attentive in lessons when teaching does not engage them fully.
• The governing body is clear about school priorities. It is providing good levels of support and challenge to ensure that recent improvements are sustained and built on.
• The partnership between Wells and Burnham Market is already proving beneficial in enabling good practice to be shared.
• The Executive Headteacher with the support of the Governors has made significant, necessary and important staff changes.
• Staff morale is good and there is a happy atmosphere in school. Staff understand what the leadership team is trying to achieve and share their aspirations for the school.
• There have been some good recent improvements in the quality of governance because they are receiving a wider range of information about the school than in the past. They know what needs to be done to improve teaching further and are providing the executive headteacher and the primary lead with the support needed to make this happen.
• Parents are pleased with the work of the school. They feel that their children are happy and do well.
• Safeguarding is given a high prominence in school
• There are strengths to teaching across the school. There is a tidy and purposeful environment in classrooms. Displays are used well to support learning and to celebrate pupils’ successes. This is helping to motivate pupils, who are taking more care with their presentation than in the past.
• Pupils behave well and are very positive about school life. They are friendly, sociable and articulate. They develop good levels of confidence by Year 6 and happily talk to visitors about their work.
• Pupils thoroughly enjoy school and are very happy. They make positive comments about most aspects of school life. They are becoming increasingly confident about taking responsibility for their own learning by, for example, responding to teachers’ feedback or marking. The presentation of their work has improved greatly since the previous audit.
• Pupils have positive attitudes towards learning. They get on very well together and take good care of each other when working or playing.
• Pupils are well looked after and are pleased with how staff listen to them. They say that they feel safe. They are confident that any bullying or falling out would be tackled quickly should it occur.
• Pupils keenly take responsibility and their voice is well represented in the life of the school through, for example the school council.
• Activities such as the ‘Daily Mile’ help pupils to adopt healthy life styles.
• Pupils are kind and caring.

Effectiveness of the Early Years Provision
• Early years provision (EYP) continues to improve and to be a key strength of the school.
• Attainment at the end of the early years has improved for the last three years.
• There continues to be a well-resourced and welcoming environment across the early years setting, in both the Nursery and Reception class. There is a calm and purposeful atmosphere in the Nursery. Children have settled very quickly and happily part from their parents. There is a good relationship between staff, children and parents across early years provision.
• Well-established routines mean that children are clear about what is expected of them so that time is not wasted. Teachers and teaching assistants have good questioning skills.
• Skilled teaching assistants contribute well to learning, especially in the way that they develop links with the community.
• In both the Nursery and Reception classes, children behave well. They are keen to learn and they support each other sensibly. They are happy in the settings and develop good social skills.
• Phonics is taught well in the Reception class. There are good opportunities for children to practise and reinforce skills. Good account is taken of differing needs. For example, a higher attaining child worked with a teaching assistant during the phonics session so that he was fully challenged.
• On-going assessment is thorough.

Across the schools our new staff are enjoying their new roles and have already secured themselves as important members of our team. Well done so far to:
Mrs Stroulger – Federation Primary Lead
Mrs Beck – Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator and Reception Class Teacher
Miss Briggs – Year 1 Teacher
Miss Tuvey – Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Topp / Ms Spink – Year 5 Teachers
Mrs Savoury – Reception Class Teaching Class Assistant
Miss Cole – Year 1 Teaching Assistant Apprentice

Alastair Ogle

Executive Headteacher

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